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One of the leading companies in beverage dispensing lines manufacture, equipment sales and services.

We offer our clients modern, classical design and custom high quality beer dispensing equipment, for dispensing to glass or PET bottles. We offer beverage dispense accounting systems and full monitoring. We will help You fully equip a Bar, Cafe or Restaurant turnkey!

Beer dispensing equipment

Beer is one of the favorite types of drink in various countries, including Lithuania. It is said that men drink beer more often, but women also like it(!). Just for everyones taste, because there are endless types of beer, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. And how can you not like such a drink, when it contains so many vitamins and useful substances that are very necessary for the human body! 

However, in order to really enjoy beer - no matter what type it is - the most important thing is the conditions for storing and dispensing beer. This can be ensured by quality beer dispensing equipment, which is what Drinkservice company offers!

For sellers of draft beer: bars, cafes, restaurants and more

Nowadays, not a single restaurant, and especially a bar, can do without draft beer equipment. Because such equipment not only allows you to serve beer with an impeccable taste, but also ensures the appropriate dispensing speed. And after all, speed is very important when there is a large flow of people in bars and restaurants and other public catering and leisure places! 

What makes draft beer taste so special? 

You should start from the very beginning - the brewing process and the ingredients for its preparation. When at this stage everything is done correctly and according to recipe, then we move on to the next stage - storage conditions. To ensure quality, beer is stored in appropriate containers - barells (KEG's) & large tanks. The last stage is dispensing. This is extremely important. The equipment, which is intended for dispensing beer, is manufactured with great care and using only high-quality materials: Draft beer tower is made of ceramics or brass, all tubes are also of high quality, because the beer passing through them must retain its taste and value. The equipment also has a refrigeration function, which cools the tubes so that the beer is at the right temperature when it is poured into the glass, as this also affects the taste. And, of course, the right level of pressure, which is required for draft beer - evenly, quickly, consistently, so that the beer looks presentable in the glass.

Every type of beer is special in its taste, dominant character and nuances hidden in the bubbles. So a person can find the most acceptable and tasty one for himself. After all, there are really many types of beer: light-light, dark, of various strengths, different recipes, etc. However, bar and restaurant owners should keep in mind that there are also different types of draft beer equipment: different capacities, sizes, and functions. Therefore, before choosing dispensing equipment, the needs should be taken into account - whether simpler equipment will suffice, or whether more powerful equipment is necessary.

Dispensing equipment price

Beer is greatly influenced by the container, temperature, and bottling equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to provide high-level storage and bottling equipment that can guarantee the right conditions and the required temperature. Drinkservice sells only quality alaus pilstymo įrangą už patrauklią kainą. Su kainomis galite susipažinti peržiūrėję mūsų siūlomas prekes. 

After purchasing the equipment, you will definitely not be alone, because "Drinkservice" specialists will help you - they will explain how to use and dispense beverages. We carry out various works related to the dispensing of beverages: equipment installation , regular maintenance and if it requires - reparingIf it is difficult to choose beverage or beer dispensing equipment - we advise you so that you can choose the equipment that meets your needs. We also advise what needs to be done so that the equipment lasts longer and the beer tastes the way it should be. 

The beverage dispensing equipment we offer is professional and works extremely efficiently. Therefore, when using it in bars, cafes or restaurants everyone will be satisfied - both the host and beer lovers!

Beer is more plesent when puored to a glass!