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How to sell more? Simply show people what you want to sell! One of the solutions is showcase refrigerators. Aesthetic image of products is always attractive, and when they can be held in your hands...then sales can really increase! Don't hide best products from buyers! 

Showcase refrigerators - has a transparent glass doors and adjustable refrigeration inside. Such refrigerators are intended for commercial places (such as shops) and cafes, bars, restaurants, etc.

Brand new showcase refrigerators - advantages and more

Another advantage is that the showcase refrigerator also performs its essential function - cooling. The required temperature can be set depending on how chilled the products in the refrigerator must be. It is also worth noting that the appropriate temperature usually allows maintaining a good appearance and quality of meals and beverages. This is very important for cafes and bars in the warm season or for outdoor events. 

Additional advantage is that showcase refrigerators are capacious, You can store a lot in them. This is especially useful in various commercial areas where space is limited.


Remember that products will look really good if the refrigerator is kept clean. So it should be handled more often. In order to increase sales, aesthetics are very important! 

Technical features.

Selecting showcase refrigerator, be sure to find out what the control is (electronic or mechanical). Also - would cleaning of the condenser be necessary, or would only hygienic cleaning be sufficient? Take a look at the door handle and think about what kind you will need, are they invisible - for the sake of beauty, or are they comfortable, metal, or maybe plastic? And, of course, lighting - whether at full height or at the top. Showcase refrigerators can also have their own purpose (for example, for drinks), so you should think about what exactly you want to store in such a refrigerator.

Shape, Size, Capacity, Purpose.

There are many different types of commercial showcase refrigerators. The refrigerators of each manufacturer differ in appearance, there are different models with different technical specifications. 

Narrow form refrigerators are widely used because they take up little space. There are also wide, two-door models, but they use more energy. Instead, they have a larger capacity - you can put much more products in them than in small ones. Therefore, you should pay attention to the dimensions - how much space is available in the room and whether a larger refrigerator will fit. 

Showcase refrigerator is chosen depending on the purpose - what will be stored in the refrigerator - beverages or prepared dishes. It should be noted that the shelves for drinks must be stronger, so it is worth choosing only showcase refrigerators for storing drinks. 

Showcase refrigerator design. 

When purchasing a showcase refrigerator, you should take into account the concept of the interior of the bar or restaurant, where it will be placed, so that it matches the design. 

Showcase refrigerator - how much does it cost?

"DRINKSERVICE" offer new showcase refrigerators at a very attractive price! 

Since there are various showcase refrigerators, the price can also be different. Showcase refrigerators differ due to: sizes, shapes, purpose, capacity, refrigeration system, energy consumption, efficiency and other features. Before buying, you should analyze what kind of showcase refrigerator is needed, for example, whether a small one will suffice or a very large one is necessary (it is better to have the larger capacity). You can also consult with Drinkservice specialists - they will definitely advise and help you choose the best option! 

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