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Most people like to enjoy a beer from time to time, but few people think about how the beer gets to the glass - how it is brewed, where it is stored and how it gets to the "table"... If the recipe is important for brewing, then it is very important that it is aged properly and stored and transported. The "good" condition of the brewed beer can be ensured by good quality beer barrels or KEGs.

Although many people associate beer barrels or KEGs with large oak barrels in which beer is aged, they are no longer used in mass beer production, except in exceptional cases. Nowadays, such wooden barrels have been replaced by metal barrels for beer, because commercial activities require more practical ones with more functions.

Large-scale brewers and retailers use kegs that are made of high-quality stainless steel to meet the needs of their customers. Beer keeps well in them because it does not spoil and it is easier to transport and store a large amount of beer.

Beer KEG - for quick and convenient transportation
Beer barrels are better known as beer kegs. These are containers of various sizes that are convenient for storing beer. A beer keg can be made of metal or plastic. However, beer keg are usually made of metal. They hold from several liters to several hundred liters of beer, but in most cases 20 l or 30 l beer kegs are sold.

In order for beer to maintain its taste and quality over a longer period of time, good storage conditions are necessary and these can be ensured by beer kegs. Both smaller and larger kegs have another function - not only can they be conveniently transported, but the boots themselves weigh less, so they are easier to carry. It is also an excellent solution in terms of logistics, as it withstands transport conditions and is easier to transport.

Beer kegs are mostly used in places of catering: cafes, bars, restaurants, events (festivals, fairs, etc.). Beer kegs are also used in smaller companies during picnics or celebrations. This allows you to enjoy both delicious beer and time spent with relatives and friends.

One of the essential properties is temperature. Each beer keg maintains the required beer temperature. This is extremely important for all beer sellers: cafes, bars, festival organizers, etc. especially in the warm season.