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Beer is extremely popular all over the world. In some countries, it is simply ingrained in the culture (for example, in Germany). Therefore, the technology of making and dispensing this sunny drink is perfectly developed. In Lithuania, matches, picnics and various events are unimaginable without beer. Therefore, special attention is paid to high-quality dispensing. This requires special equipment for dispensing beer, which is made of the best materials.

Beer dispensing tower - what is special about it?

Beer dispensing or tapping towers are really special because they are made of brass or stanless steel. These are exactly what Drinkservice offers. Quite an interesting combination - beer and brass, don't you think? And after all, it's not just that such materials were chosen for themselves. 

Brass ensures quality and durability and looks beautiful. Therefore, equipment with such a tower lasts much longer. The most important thing is that the beer retains its taste, because the gold does not interact with anything, so the beer does not change as it flows through the tower tube. It should be mentioned that plaque does not accumulate on the inner walls of the tower, so cleaning is required less often than if the tower was made of another material. 

Stainless steel is no less worse than brass - considering the draft beer towers. Due to its anti-corrosion properties, the stainless steel beer tower lasts a long time. Moreover, the silver color of the tower gives it an aesthetic appearance. After all, in a bar, not only the quality of the drinks is important, but also the interior and the environment. So the one in the bar beverage dispensing equipement with a silver-colored tower can be like an accent that emphasizes the quality and concept of the bar.

Another important thing is that the tower must be strong, because beer is tapped with the appropriate pressure, so this is another reason why it is worth choosing beer dispensing towers made of high-quality materials - brass or stainless steel. 

Beer tapping towers combined with dispensing equipment are an incredibly effective instrument for serving beer at events, bars and other places where large numbers of people gather. Because such equipment allows serving a large number of people in a very short time while maintaining a high level of beer quality. So people can enjoy the perfect taste while drinking beer! In addition, what is also extremely important, the temperature is maintained as it should be, because the tower is connected to the cooler, which means that the beer is already cooled down through the tubes.

Two in one or three in one or maybe stick to one? What are your needs? You mean how many beers should be dispensed using one tower? Because the tower can have one, two or three outlets. So, if you want to connect three types of beer to one tower and dispense beer from such a tower, then you should choose a tower with three outputs. If only two types of beer - a tower with two outlets. However, if you think that it is still better to dispense one type of beer only from one tower - then choose a tower with one outlet.

Price of beer tower

The towers are made of high-quality metals, so it is an excellent quality-price ratio. The price of a beer tapping tower depends on its features. 

One such feature is material. The tower can be made of only brass or stainless steel, or both brass and stainless steel. 

Another very important feature is how many outputs the tower has - one, two or three. This quantity shows how many types of beer or beverage can be connected and dispensed. 

Another thing is the dimensions. Towers can be of different dimensions: larger, smaller. But on average about 367, 382, ​​404 mm. These are the standard Cobra towers. 

It is not and cannot be cheap, because brass itself is not cheap. However, if you want quality in every glass of beer, you should choose Drinkservice, because their tower will not disappoint!