All products are subject to the manufacturer's warranty periods. For more detailed information on the warranty period of a specific product, please send an enquiry to

In case of suspicion of improper quality of the goods, it is obligatory to immediately contact or to come to the headquarters of UAB "DRINKSERVISAS" at Vieversių st. 1A, 8912 Ginduliai, Klaipėda district. Lithuania.

If it is found that the goods are mechanically or chemically damaged, have been installed incorrectly, or the manufacturer's recommendations have not been followed, no claims concerning the quality of the goods will be accepted.


The buyer has the right to return the unsuitable goods to the seller within 30 days of purchase. The returned goods must be complete in their original packaging and must not have lost their commercial appearance.

In case of return of a defected goods, UAB "DRINKSERVISAS" undertakes to replace it with a good quality one or to refund the money to the buyer within 7 working days from the receipt of the goods. Before returning the goods, the customer must provide the following information to order or invoice number, name and quantity of the goods to be returned.

The returned goods must be delivered to Vieversių st. 1A, 8912 Ginduliai, Klaipėdos raj. Lithuania. Tel.: +37060813587ų g. 1A, 8912 Ginduliai, Klaipėdos raj. Lietuva. Tel.: +37060813587. In case of return of defeted goods, the delivery costs will be covered by UAB "DRINKSERVISAS".